July 29, 2020
July 29, 2020, 11:44 AM

Thinking outside the box?


My neighbor on the other side of the duplex is a single Mom with an elementary school age son. She lives with a crushing load, but despite it all, she does a remarkable job giving her son a normal life – which is why he’s a Cub Scout and she’s the Pack’s fund raising chair.

Like most non-profits (including churches) the Pack’s funds have gotten tight. When people are not able to assemble in groups, some people assume that there’s no need to give because the group’s work isn’t being done. That’s what some people think. And some people would be wrong.

As my neighbor and I were having a socially distanced conversation in our driveways, my neighbor said, “Other parents were ready to disband the Pack because they didn’t see how we could keep going. I said, ‘No; no! You have to think outside the box!’”

You have to think outside the box. How many times have you said THAT in the last four months? I’ve had to learn to preach to a 3x5 inch screen and conduct meetings over Zoom (I’m practicing on my children!) I’m still trying to figure out how to set up PayPal for the Church, and it’s driving me nuts! I rant about how much I hate the current situation, but that does not change a thing.

So, how are you thinking outside the box?

Have you begun to mail your offerings to the Church or are you waiting until you’re back in the building? What about the ministries we so faithfully supported? The Covenant relationship we have with UM Missionary, Rev. Katie Meek, who so spoke so profoundly of her work on July 19. What about the Pythian Home, Weatherford College Wesley Foundation, Child Advocacy Center of Parker County, Weatherford Senior Center, Center of Hope. The needs of these organizations surely still exist, though they might have changed somewhat. As we can’t collect donations at the Church, we’ll have to think outside the box if we want to continue our assistance in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Can you think outside the box? Can you be the Church online AND in the world? How? aaahhhh…….



Dr. Ann Hitt



If you would like to help a worthy group, and score some good popcorn, go to www.trails-end.com code FRTJT3LZ. And check out gavins popcorn on Face Book for more information on the work of Pack 6.



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